In January I was so fortunate to be able to get together with 21 of my fellow Creatively Fit Coaches and for an in person workshop with Whitney Freya in Nashville Tennessee!

As Nashville is famous for being the home of country music, the birth place of the Grand Ole Opre and the country music hall of fame I knew it was not going to be a dull trip. But what was exciting me more than anything was the opportunity to meet my coaching soul buddies and to be taken through a week long workshop by Whitney on her new project Super Soul Flow.

We flew into Nashville from Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the US – coaches with different practices and trainings, but all with the same goal in mind ‘to connect with our inner wisdom through creativity and symbolism, and to learn how to help our clients do the same’.

So what happens when you get 22 Creatively Fit coaches together??

On day one we were given the opportunity to work in groups, and to paint on the 4 elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air. My group was the Earth group and we were to paint a canvas backdrop which would form the major part of our ‘Earth altar’ where we could go and ground ourselves each day during the workshop.

LeniYou would expect that having only just met, and being a group of creatives with our own ideas and ways of working that there would be some reservation or some conflict? Well that was not the case. The coaches threw themselves into the activity with full flow. In fact one of the coaches from Belgium (the wonderfully fun and creative Leni De Goeyse) literally threw herself into the paint by having her feet painted and planted firmly on our Earth canvas. I was more restrained and stuck to hand prints and paintbrushes but Oh my goodness the energy that was produce that day you could feel all around you!

For the rest of the workshop we shared stories and exchanged ideas ideas. We painted on our sacred symbols and did some amazing inner work on ourselves. We supported each other and coached each other – at times I had to stop and look at the scene around me, I was in awe of the combined creative energy in the room. I learned so much from the workshop and also from my fellow coaches – and I have to say I am so excited to be bringing this back to New Zealand!

At night we shared 2 houses, and even though there were 9 women in our house and only 2 bathrooms we managed to get through the week without upset. At the end of the workshop it was hard to say goodbye to Whitney and the coaches. I was even lucky enough to spend some time with Whitney and to talk through my plans as she kindly took me to the airport (lucky me!). Since I have returned to NZ we have all been in constant contact. I feel I have discovered sisters across the water I did not know I had, and I know I am lucky to be part of this amazingly creative circle.

I really want to share this amazing creative experience with my fellow creative adventurers in New Zealand. So I am already planning a workshop based on some of what I learned, based in Auckland at the end of May – I really cannot wait to share it with you – I know you will love it too!!!

Details of the latest workshop will be going up on my workshop page very soon once I have confirmed the venue.

In the meantime I hope you enjoyed the photos of what Creatively Fit Coaches get up to when they get together, and to know what it feels like when you are in your super soul flow!

If you are interested in finding out more about my upcoming workshop please contact me here… for more information.

8 thoughts on “What happens when you get 22 Creatively Fit Coaches together???

  1. Oh my! 😀
    Angela, your blog just gave me such a boost today!
    Nashville was full of wonders …. WONDER-FULL 🙂
    The creative energy we all got to share and take home was/is enormous!!!!!
    I loved reading your blog today!

    1. Leni you are most welcome! Your energy at the workshop was so inspiring, it made me want to create and play!

      I can’t wait to share it with the world 🙂

      Blessings Leni !

      Angela xx

  2. Sounds amazing Ange, and I can’t wait to sign up for the May workshop.

  3. Lara I am planning on getting the details out this week – I would absolutely love to have you at the workshop!

    Angela x

  4. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. It has been a lovely experience I see.

    1. Hi Prerna

      It all started very well with the unveiling of your lovely stole, it set the tone for the workshop 🙂

      Blessings x

  5. so wonderful to see this! It was an experience never to forget… miss everyone (in person that is)… so grateful for our global/creative community!

    1. Hi Kathy!!!

      I loved spending the time together, it’s great to still see you on line – and I hope in person again one day with our global creative community!

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