I hope you’ve had a great Christmas break and you’re looking forward to 2018. Perhaps you’re thinking about what goals to set this year? Or maybe beating yourself up a little for those you didn’t achieve in 2017?

As a Life Coach you would expect that I’d be the first person to say you need goals to succeed, wouldn’t you? So many coaches out there are posting on social media about setting and achieving your goals in 2018. But I actually don’t believe in setting them.


I don’t believe in setting goals

I discovered a long time ago that the setting of goals is like making a promise, a pact to achieve what you said you would 100%. In the same vein as New Year’s resolutions where we set ideals for ourselves and try our hardest to achieve them. Until the end of January when we’ve already broken the diet, had several glasses of wine, missed daily meditation and ‘forgotten’ to go to the gym three times a week.

The problem with goals is they feel like they’re set in stone, and when we slip a little we feel like a failure and beat ourselves up for not doing what we said we would. When we break that diet or have that glass of wine we feel somehow we’ve been weak, and let ourselves down – then we negative self-talk all over ourselves and feel even worse than before. Does this sound a little familiar?

I’ve learned through years of trying and failing that I am much more likely to succeed if I take the pressure off myself if I don’t make a promise. But how is it I achieve everything I want to? The secret is to do it by setting an intention.

An intention is different from a goal

An intention is saying you will do your very best, and if you fall off the wagon, or have a bad day on the diet you will get back on it the very next day. You get back on it because you don’t feel guilty, or like a failure and as a result, you are much more likely to be kind to yourself, dust yourself off and get back on track.

My clients achieve their dreams

Because they learn how to set intentions, how to be kinder to themselves and stop “shoulding” all over the place. They learn how to make mistakes and be OK with that – they learn that they are human and not perfect and in realising and letting go of perfectionism they find happiness with themselves and surprise surprise they achieve what they wanted and more.

So why not give it a go – set intentions instead of resolutions this New Year. It’s not super easy to do and you’ll probably still should all over yourself, but with support it is doable.

If you’d like help to achieve what you want to achieve in 2018 reach out and let’s have a chat. Let’s get you to where you dream of being without a goal in sight – sound good?

Angela x

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