Many of my clients are frustrated creatives who have no idea how to unlock their creative potential. To make matters worse they have been limiting themselves behind the “I am not creative”,  “I am not an artist” or “I have never been to art school” stories.  Does that sound familiar?  Well today I AM CALLING BS ON THAT!!
Stop running those stories and playing small. Stop listening to the limiting left side of your brain that is telling you all the reasons you cannot create.  Believe me none of that is true! 
I recently posted a video on Facebook in which I busted the myth of  ….

“To be an artist you have to go to art school”  

 I made the video because I’ve heard that statement so many times from students who have allowed that myth to hold them back for far too long.
I am a wild creative, who spent way too many years listening to the negative chatter in my head.  Hiding in a safe world, only to discover that though it may have been safe it felt more like being held in captivity.
I am a creative adventurer, a guide, a teacher and the keeper of the keys to help you release your wild creative side from captivity! 
Fancy an adventure in paint? Join me …..
Angela Murray
Artist, Coach and expert in Artful Play

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