Welcome Intuitive Artist!

You've arrived in the perfect place.

You've found your way here because you've heard the whisper from your inner muse.

She wants to play, have fun, get messy and fully express herself.

It doesn't matter what stage you're at on your creative journey

Maybe you've been painting for a while and you want to loosen up, let go of the 'art rules' and learn how to create intuitively on a BIG canvas! 

Maybe you already create art but you need more confidence to experiment with your own style? 

Or you may be a beginner who's really excited to give art a go, but just don't know where to start? 


Wherever you are at I'm here to make art simple and fun

I'm Angela Murray a fun loving artist, a gentle open spirit and your Creative Guide.

My purpose in life is to create a safe, nurturing environment where you develop your own pace, style and flow.

I don't believe in critique, or following all of the 'art rules'

I do believe in letting go of perfectionism, comparison and self judgement.

And I know for sure you have all the magical creativity you need inside of you right now, and I'm here to help you let it loose!

I also believe that we learn more easily when we have access to the facilitator, so my most popular course (Dream BIG Paint BIG), is completely live online.

So if you'd like to work with me in person, and discover your true creative nature then let's get started!


Coming Up !

Join me for two or four months of Dream BIG Paint BIG online

In this experience you will learn how to paint your own art from your intuition on the BIGGEST canvas of your life!

I make the whole process super simple, and at the same time you are learning about how to manifest your dreams. What a great combination!

We will meet for 2 hours for 8 live lessons. It's just like being in the studio with me, having me there to guide you every step of the way Creative Adventurer.

Starts 13th January, 2022 (Northern Hemisphere)

14th January, 2022 (Southern Hemisphere)


What my students are saying

"The weekly classes held excitement, ah-ha moments, moving me forward, laughter, inspiration and giving time and space for me. I loved them and wanted them to continue every week forever!  

Kristi Shaw

"I love my painting, not because it is a masterpiece to others but it is my masterpiece and it has meaning to me. Thank you Angela, you are a special lady who has created a wonderful course and safe environment for beginners" 

Kim Power

“If you're feeling stuck, don't delay do this. The perfectionist that sat on my shoulder and the negative self-judgment are gone.” 

Kate Nankivell

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